For Trainers
Login as Trainer Anytime Learn is an eLearning platform can be used by Corporates and training institutions :
  1. Who are either using any existing eLearning platform for delivery of content on PCs but are missing a mobile extension to this system OR
  2. Are keen to use eLearning to deliver content through electronic means.
The content on Anytime Learn can primarily be text accompanied by voice, which gives a better simulation of classroom learning. Videos and images can also be a part of the content. The content can be stored on either our secure servers or on the infrastructure of the Corporate or Training Institute

The product also has means to make the session interactive through questions in the content, thereby keeping the learner focused. It contains security features to make sure that the content is visible only on devices that have been authorized to view it and also prevents transferring of content from one device to another, thereby protecting unauthorized copying and circulation of content.

Corporates and training institutes can start using this platform easily for the following purposes:
  1. Host pre-course preparatory and post course evaluation material from trainings, thereby leaving the precious classroom hours to core learning topics. Evaluations can be analyzed by the trainers for grading and impact of trainings
  2. Share learning content easily within a wider internal audience. For exampe a distributed sales force can be kept updated of company's product portfolio and have easy access to sales related material
  3. A combination of mobile access and security features enable easy access to content for authorized users through their devices only.

We currently provide a risk free trial to deliver your content for mLearning. This will enable eLearning for those employees who will benefit from the convenience of learning in this new way. Your trail will give you access to online tools for you to manage the hosted content and easy means to convert existing content for online delivery. Contact us at to get started today.